Single leg hop for distance symmetry masks lower limb biomechanics: time to discuss hop distance as decision criterion for return to sport afterACL reconstruction?

To cite: Kotsifaki A, Whiteley R, Van Rossom S, et al. Br J doi:10.1136/ bjsports-2020-103677 INTRODUCTION Functional hop testing is traditionally used to determine readiness to return to sport (RTS) after anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACLR).1 2 Typically, functional symmetry between legs…

My back squat progression

My back squat progression Just finished Bill Star old school 5×5 program 28-12-2020 1RM 118 kg 24-01-2021 2RM 111kg 4-2-2021 3RM 114kg 17-1-2021 4RM 108.9kg 04-01-2021 5RM 104kg 19-1-2021 7RM 81.5kg 21-1-2021 8RM 88.5kg Share this: