This blog was created with the aim to write about my experiences in the field of physiotherapy, sports medicine and personal adventures.

By Andreas Bjerregaard, Physiotherapist, PGDip IOC Diploma

-I’m Andreas, I was born and raised in wonderfull Copenhagen, Denmark, and I’m excited that you stopped by my blog and virtual world.
Let me share a few things about me: By day, I’m a physiotherapist and currently working at Aspetar Hospital in Qatar. I’m working predominantly with pre- and post surgical conditions for lower- and upper extremities with the persons goal of returning to sport. This includes biopsychosocial rehabilitation with clear goals and planning. Before moving to Qatar I worked in my
 own clinic where I saw various of injuries in- and among sports athletes and teams.
When i’m not working I am running, cycling, crossfitting, eating and exploring.


I would like to help you through a virtual consultation or enter into collaboration with your current physiotherapist, personal trainer, parents or coaches who are already supporting your rehabilitation journey.
I’m having a practical, down-to-earth approach to bridge the gap between sports rehabilitation and return to sport and performance.  Reach out to me and let’s have a conversation on how I can help you. For more info about my professional background check out my LinkedIn profile and for more personal and professional information click on the Social Media icons to learn more. CONTACT ME