I’m Andreas, and I’m excited that you stopped by my page and virtual universe. A few things about me:  By day, I’m a physiotherapist and currently working at Aspetar Hospital (in Qatar). I’m working predominantly with pre- and post surgical conditions for lower- and upper extremities with the persons goal of returning to sport. This includes biopsychosocial rehabilitation plan with clear goals and planning… and much, much more! I am raised in beautiful Copenhagen, Denmark… When i’m working running, cycling, crossfit, eating is my weekly basis.

I’m having practical, down-to-earth approach to bridging the gap between sports rehabilitation and return to sport and performance. I would like to help you with virtual manage or enter into collaboration with your existing physiotherapist, personal trainer, parents or coaches their rehabilitation program. Reach out to me and I lets have a conversation how i can help you. What is physioblog This blog is where I have been sharing my research, experience, and thoughts behind how I integrate rehabilitation, fitness, sports performance, sports medicine, strength and conditioning training for the last 10 years. It is my notebook but also are storytelling of what I have I learned and found interesting over the years.