Concussion App from World Rugby

Concussion App from World Rugby

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🏉Concussion is getting a more and more common injury in sport. World Rugby has made a Concussion app targeted the general public, with an attempts to both
enhance the user’s knowledge and understanding of
the basic management of concussion.
🏉The app has a focus on concussion symptoms and concussion
management guidelines, with a clear layout that hosts the navigational tabs (‘Home’, ‘Pocket CRT’,‘GRTP’, ‘Video’ and ‘Info’)
🏉The World Rugby Concussion app may be appropriate for students and novice first responders because what the app
lacks in depth of information, it makes up for by being succinct and easy to use with interactive and accurate content.
The ‘Home’ tab provides training
modules in five topics
🏉 ‘About Concussion’
🏉 ‘The Referee and Concussion’
🏉 ‘Recognising Concussion’,
🏉 ‘Graduated Return to Play’).
➡️article: British Journal of Sports Medicine (BJSM)

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