Social question to patients

Social question to patients

Create a spreadsheet in a program such as Google Sheets or Excel with columns including:

  • a) Full name
  • b) Nicknames
  • c) Date of birth
  • d) Hometown
  • ‘e) Siblings or only child
  • f) Interests outside of sport (travel, golf, food, etc.) g) Sports they played growing up h) Favorite type of music
  • i) Favorite coach growing up and why
  • j) Who they look up to now and why
  • k) Whether they have kids of their own
  • l) Greatest adversity overcome
  • m) What they like most about their chosen sport
  • n) Why they compete
  • o) Favorite books
  • p) Favorite shows
  • q) Accomplishment they’re most proud of
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