Hamstring rehabilitation gym session

Hamstring rehabilitation gym session

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This Hamstring Rehabilitation video has found it’s inspiration in “Hamstring rehab for football players (Mendiguchía et al. 2017)”


and Mendiguachia study ‘A multifactorial, individualized, criteria-based progressive algorithm for hamstring injury treatment’ from March 2017 https://www.researchgate.net/publication/314402703_A_multifactorial_individualized_criteria-based_progressive_algorithm_for_hamstring_injury_treatment

The exercise in this training video has try to follow the principles of the progressive algorithm, presented by the study (and the following video material).

In addition, have I tried to implementing the exercise algoritme into my own clinic-sitting, to see what fit’s into my facilities and my teaching style.

If I have to be self-critical about this approach, it’s that the functional phase can be misleading due to there no sports specific transfer in the exercises. However what is a functional exercise?

Overall, the algoritme provide a structured based approach, and I like the criteria-based progression of exercise as well as the title of study begins with “Multifactorial” – this make the programme bulletproof.

Elements of Mendiguchia programme consist of:
➡️Flexibility and neural mobilisering
➡️Glute Strength
➡️Hamstring strength
➡️Core stabilitet (Lumbopelvic control)
➡️Return to running technique
➡️Ballistisk stretching
➡️ Functional phase
➡️Plyometric phase
➡️Hamstring lengthening exercise
➡️Reaktiv strength training

⬛️Mendiguchia will also visit the Danish Sportskongres where he will have a workshop about ‘Rehabilitation after acute hamstring muscle injury – a practical approach’.

Other important hamstring programs

The Askling L Protocol for Hamstring Strains: https://youtu.be/ONCSNxmQTzE

Aspetar protocol: https://youtu.be/Fzex_zG1JtA

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