Nothing advanced over the advanced throwers ten

Nothing advanced over the advanced throwers ten

In the last 6 months have I tried to incorporate the Throwers Ten and The Advanced Throwers Ten programme into my shoulder rehabilitation when it has been. The authors behind it stated (for 7 years ago) that this was an innovative approach.

However, I do not understand why there are so many exercises on a stability ball. It makes no sense to me that an overhead athlete have to be sitting on a stability ball while eg. he his doing curls with a dumbbell. However, the programme provides some structure as well as progressive load and challenge.

The Advanced Throwers Ten Exercise Program: A New Exercise Series for Enhanced Dynamic Shoulder Control in the Overhead Throwing Athlete, DOI: 10.3810/psm.2011.11.1943, Wilk KE1Yenchak AJArrigo CAAndrews JR.

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You can find Danish translation in Dansk Sportsmedicin august 2017 nummer.

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Thrower Ten

To get more inspiration for exercise to the throwing shoulder I will recommend you to read Preventing overuse shoulder injuries among throwing athletes: a cluster-randomised controlled trial in 660 elite handball players, Stig Haugsboe Andersson et al, 2016, BJSM

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